Big Daddy's story,
Technology & the Motion Picture Impact

Sonny mcDon-W Is a Nollywood Veteran Actor, Director and Producer.

Sonny mcDon-W has acted in over a hundred Movies and Soap Operas in the Motion Picture Industry. He is also a Founding Executive of African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) were he administered as the Director of Programmes for several years.

He also served as the vice president of association of movie producers of Nigeria.
Sonny mcDon-W. He is also one of the image makers of the Directors Guild of Nigeria. He is also the founding member of the Actors Guild of Nigeria where he served as the first national secretary and presently sitting in the board of trustees of Actors Guild as the Executive Secretary.

The Big Daddy as he is fundly called has produced and directed over thirty movies in Nollywood. Sonny mcDon-W Is also a founding member of Zafaa, an Awards Academy Platform based in London United Kingdom.

Sonny mcDon-W is Happily Married with Four Lovely Children.

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