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President/ CEO, TUTUTECH LLC and Cofounder, AFROFTEMA

TUTUTECH LLC™ focuses on leveraging exceptional information and innovative ideas to enhance the quality of life through cutting-edge technology and advanced training solutions, a seasoned entertainment and Media aficionado.

We welcome Technologists, Production Experts, Directors, Financial Gurus, Music Business Entertainers, Artists, Philanthropists, Creative Experts, Idea Builders, and Trainers to join us in the contemporary world of technological solutions.

Be a part of our exceptional and prestigious awards program, spearheaded by Mr. Falana Adetutu, whose visionary ideology has brought together a global network of creative tech teams to provide credible and excellent rewards.

Adetutu Jacob Falana
(Afro Fintech Music TechSkill Awards)

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Adetutu Falana Jacob

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TUTU™ Online Course remote aquisition Skills on how to manage Training time better. It's students choice, bears the responsibility of engaging with SKILLMASTERS™ instead of simply showing up to class on an assigned Tasks time.

We make training Tech-Skills fun!

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We accept 100% collaboration with equal opportunities >> SETUP for uptimum performances. our services include Technological Solutions on deliverables. We're offering seemless possibilities for Skills & TechBusiness.

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