Afro FinTech Music, TechSkill Academy  Awards Also Known as AFROFTEMA (afro`tema)

FilmTech & Producer for AFROFTEMA
as JURY & Excecutive Director in Charlotte.

Greetings! My name is Prince Chukwudi Paulinus Uzochukwu pupularly known as DON CHUKS, and I am a filmmaker based in Abuja, Nigeria. With over 3 decades of experience in the innovative Film-tech industry, a multiple award winner, screenwriter /production expert, Don Chuks have successfully trained numerous budding filmmakers across Africa using innovative Tech system in Film pro.

"I am thrilled to announce my participation as an instructor/jury member for the esteemed AFROFTEMA™ Awards this year. My focus will be on "How Technology Improved Epic Film Making, the African Way," with Nigeria as the centerpiece.

The event's organizers have requested that Don Chuks address critical issues surrounding diverse cultures and languages, aiming to enlighten and educate young African students in Charlotte, especially studying in diaspora about African culture, language and traditions through films, exhibitions, and carnival.

The AFROFTEMA™ Awards 2023 will showcase the best epic and contemporary story in the form of documentaries, cultural activities/festivals, and tutorials on Igbo language.

"I am always available to answer intriguing questions and offer guildance on why we produce the type of films we make in Africa, specifically in Indegenous Nigerian Epic Films (The Big Story) 


Prince Chukwudi Paulinus Uzochukwu

"How Technology Improved Epic Film Making, the African Way"


Don’t wait. This is the Award System, AFROFTEMA!

We urge and sincerly want your party to the success of the AFROFTEMA AWARDS This Year 2023!. It is the big thing to happen to young innovators.

2 day Events preceeded by a Closing AFROFTEMA™ AWARDS PRESENTATION
- FinTech Symposiums & InfoTech Facilitators
- Leading international Fintech Innovator// Singers// Actors
- American Film Institute (AFI)
- Others and Partners Training Schools (On/Offline)
- Global Music Makers and Recording Studios
- Motion Picture Equipment Manufacturers
- Motion Picture Innovations and Presentation
- High-Level Government Functionaries
- Diplomats
- International Media
- Cultural Ambassadors
- Large public
- Grand Finale (with all Time/City Big Shows)


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